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Aqara M2

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As the world evolves, so does advances in smart home technology. In Australia, we're beginning to see nearly every new home in design or construction have some element of technology integrated into every aspect of the resident’s experience for optimal convenience and security. 

The term 'smart' started to become common in the tech world when we saw the likes of the smart phone gain traction with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. The Jetson's cartoon became a reality and the term smart became intrinsically connected with phones. Nowadays we have more options than just the humble iPhone, we have smart devices that aim to create a connected environment and experience for the user. Think Interactive Security Systems, Smart door locks ,doorbells, cameras, thermostats, lights, and sensors - just to name a few. 

One of our personal favourite smart home devices we stock here at The Technology Store is the Aqara Hub M2. Aqara's Home Hub M2 opens up a ton of possibilities which affordably connect your home with smart devices. Forget about turning your devices off manually, the Hub M2 can do that for you automatically when connected to Aqara's Home App. 

So what makes the Hub M2 so special? The Hub M2 supports Zigbee 3.0 protocol, making the transmission of data faster, more stable and generally a  more energy-efficient technology. With an IR transmitter built in, the Hub M2 highlights the infrared control function, allowing users to control existing IR home appliances, such as turning on TVs, projectors and TV boxes, from any part of the room by voice commands and via local automations. So you won't be needing a certain someone to fetch you the remote.

Plus the smart device has All-Round Compatibility. Meaning it can be connected to Aqara devices compatible with major smart home ecosystems and voice assistants, such as Apple HomeKit and  Google Assistant. 

We don’t often get a real glimpse of the future before it happens, but we think Aqara's Home Hub M2 is pretty darn futuristic. 

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Aqara Home Hub M2