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Dreame T20

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$699.00 - $699.00
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  • 150AW powerful suction
  • 12-cone cyclone separation
  • Smart scanning and self adjusting
  • All-in-one simplified operation
  • HD Full colour screen
  • 8-stage noise reduction
  • System error alert
  • Remaining working time alert
  • Filter replacement remainder
  • 70 minutes ultra-long battery time

The Dreame T20 is a penultimate top of the line model that challenges to cordless vacuum cleaner market.

Motor: With Aerospace Standards a bare minimum, the T20 brings 125,000 rpm motor speed as a defining characteristic. This insane motor efficiency delivers 25,000 Pa of vacuum suction, as well as 150 AW in suction power, meaning no dirt and debris gets missed.

Operation: The T20 is an all-in-one simplified operation, with an HD full-colour screen, 8-stage noise reduction, cyclone filtration system and smart scanning and adjusting. Better yet, the battery lasts for up to 70 minutes, meaning you can clean harder, for longer.

Box dimensions: 755mm*338mm*148mm

Weight: 6.420kg