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Dreame T20 pro

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The Dreame T20pro is a penultimate top of the line model that challenges to cordless vacuum cleaner market.

Motor: With Aerospace Standards a bare minimum, the T20 brings 125,000 rpm motor speed as a defining characteristic. This insane motor efficiency delivers 25,000 Pa of vacuum suction, as well as 150 AW in suction power, meaning no dirt and debris gets missed.

Operation: The T20pro is also an all-in-one simplified operation, with an HD full-colour screen, 8-stage noise reduction, cyclone filtration system and smart scanning and adjusting. Better yet, the battery lasts for up to 70 minutes, meaning you can clean harder, for longer.

T20 pro has an extra soft roller and duration adds 7/30/70 mins compared to Dreame T20.

Box dimensions: 755mm*338mm*148mm

Weight: 8.240kg