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  • Folding simple and portable
  • Intelligent vector control system
  • Shimano 6-speed transmission system

Dynamic Dual Mode Cycling: HIMO Z20 is optimally designed for both electric and manual cycling – and everything in between. Equipped with a casual riding Cool Mode and a quick & sporty Dynamic Mode – HIMO Z20’s dual modes can easily be switched between with the press of a button according to your riding preferences.

Highly sensitive, precise controls: HIMO Z20 is equipped with a meticulously designed intelligence centre. Its interconnected vector control system analyses vehicle information and provides users with real-time feedback, enabling efficient use and control of the kinetic energy produced while riding.

Integrated in-seat air pump: Ever found yourself with a flat tire at the worst possible time? HIMO Z20’s in-seat air pump travels everywhere with you, so your tires will always be in tip-top shape.

Incredibly lightweight & compact: HIMO Z20 folds in three places and only takes about 10 seconds to fold and unfold. It can easily be stored in a car trunk, taken in elevators, offices, etc.

Highly sensitive, precise controls: Shimano 6-speed transmission system is fast and reliable in gear adjustment, easy to operate and is light and labour-saving in riding. It is equipped with a high-efficiency brushless DC motor to provide a strong power output.

Intelligent management battery manager: As the safety keeper of battery, BMS intelligent battery management system can not only intelligently monitor, manage and maintain each cell of the battery, but also automatically distribute the load when the battery is low, automatically cut off the power when the battery is fully charged and take care of the battery in all aspects. No matter what the weather is like, BMS intelligent battery management system can provide you with stable power and keep going.

Double disc-brake system: Sensitive and durable front and rear double disc brakes are soft and sensitive to handle. It is easy to control the brake force and easy to switch on the road of riding. At the same time, CST high wear-resistant and super strong-grip professional riding tires are selected. The tread design has the dual effects of reducing rolling friction and anti-sideslip and is engraved with wide deep-water patterns, which can improve the control ability to ride on wet and slippery roads on rainy days and ensure all-weather riding stability and safe braking.

Size: 1470 x 610 x 1095 mm
Weight: 21.6kg
Max Load: 100kg
Max Speed: 25kmph
Max Range: 80km approx.
Cruising Range: 50km approx.
Power consumption: 0.65kW. k/100km
Wattage: 250W
Voltage: 36V
Capacity: 10Ah
RPM: 260/rpm
Front to Rear Axle Distance: 965 mm
Water Resistance: IPX7 Certification