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Belkin BOOST CHARGE Dual 15W Wireless Charging Pad, White

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$129.95 - $129.95
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  • Two-in-one wireless charging solution
  • Fast wireless charging up to 15W
  • Charges through most lightweight cases
  • Qi-certified for safety
  • Non-slip grip ensures your phone stays in place
  • LED light indicator confirms correct, safe charging
  • Power supply included

A shared wireless charging solution: Double up on wireless charging pads and free up your counter or desk space for good. BOOST↑CHARGE™ Dual Wireless Charging Pads are designed for seamless compatibility with the latest smartphones , providing each phone up to 15W of power at the same time, and making them perfect for coworkers or families that use different devices. The non-slip grip design keeps your devices securely in place to ensure they keep charging, and LED lights indicate when they’re charging correctly. Qi™-Certified for safety and case compatible with most lightweight cases, up to 3mm.

Faster wireless charging: Specifically designed to charge the newest smartphones at faster speeds, these wireless charging pads deliver up to 15W of power to each device at once.

No need to remove your case: Charge without removing your phone from its case. The BOOST↑CHARGE Dual Wireless Charging Pads are engineered to work with most lightweight plastic cases up to 3mm (not compatible with metal cases)

Qi™ certified for universal compatibility: Qi is a wireless technology that uses inductive charging. These dual charging pads have been engineered to be Qi compatible, allowing them to also charge phones and other accessories with Qi technology.

Dimensions:  Width: 9 cm/ 3.5 in; Length: 19.5 cm/ 7.5; Height: 1.2 cm/ 0.5 in

Package Includes: BOOST↑CHARGE Dual Wireless Charging Pads 15W and Power supply unit