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XGIMI Horizon

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XGIMI Horizon 1080P Projector X-VUE 2.0 Image Engine Home Video Theater Projector

  • X-VUE 2.0 Image Engine
  • AI Brightness Adjustment
  • More Brains, More Brawn, Less Hassle
  • Brilliantly Colorful, Shockingly Smart

More Brains, More Brawn, Less Hassle: Meet HORIZON, the most versatile and easiest to use true FHD home projector from XGIMI. HORIZON packs premium features into an intuitive and powerful package. Take all the work out of finding the perfect FHD picture; just turn on HORIZON in any room and reshape your cinema experience in seconds, right out of the box. Get more immersive anywhere you choose with industry-leading picture quality, intelligent imaging features, and Hi-Fi sound from Harman Kardon. No more limits, no more hassle.

The Future Has Never Looked Clearer: HORIZON brings you the crystal clear 1080P image quality, up to a gigantic screen size of 300”. With resolution up to 1920x1080P, you can take game night to the next level, or have an ultra HD date with your favourite movie. No more choosing portability and screen size or picture quality; HORIZON has all the bases covered.

We’ve Always Been Bright: HORIZON’s super bright projection technology outshines the competition; that means no more bother choosing a different room or screen angle during daytime or in bright environments. HORIZON is the brightest projector in its class by nearly 30%, putting out a stellar 2200 ANSI Lumens. HORIZON will consistently deliver high colours and super sharp images, even in bright environments.

Transform Your World In SecondsNo more struggling to get your entertainment set up in a new space. HORIZON is ready to go with super-fast start-up, automatic focus and keystone correction, and new AI object detection. Get ready to use your biggest screen the same way you would any other device: instantly and intuitively.

Brilliantly Colourful, Shockingly Smart: HORIZON combines the most powerful imaging features from XGIMI and makes them even more adaptable with a built-in AI optical sensor. With low latency, stunning contrast, and integrated optics, HORIZON makes quality and consistency faster and more automatic than ever.

Professionally Rich Colour Accuracy: With such a vast and rich range of colours, every detail on screen is restored and presented accurately, greatly enhancing your viewing experience.